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Revolutionary Decompression Therapy Offers New Hope for Pain Sufferers Without Surgery or Drugs


How It Works

Spinal Decompression zeroes in on the exact disc or joint that is causing your pain...then corrects it!

Unlike other disc treatments, spinal decompression therapy uses advanced computer technology to "target" the offending disc/s and relieve spinal pressure by applying a gentle, curved angle pull.

This precise, computer-driven manipulation is simply not possible with a manual adjustment by even the most gifted chiropractic physician.And although it is traction-like in some respects, traction can actually cause muscle spasms or contractions as a response to the "stretching," leading to further disc compression.

Spinal decompression therapy, on the other hand, uses state-of-the-art technology to prevent the contraction response for a comfortable, relaxing, experience.(In fact, some patients even fall asleep during treatment!)

As a result, the treatment achieves true decompression by creating a vacuum inside the disc that draws oxygen in and other nutrients to aid healing.

By increasing the space between the vertebrae, decompression treatments dramatically reduce pressure on the discs, relieving inflammation and pressure on pain-sensitive nerves and fibers in the spine.This restores biomechanical function while reducing or eliminating your pain and releasing your body's natural healing powers.


Get to the CAUSE of Your Pain and Correct It Naturally
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"There's no question that [decompression therapy] has enabled my spine to improve. ...I nearly couldn't move, but now I can move and I can compete where I couldn't at all. ...It was basically a countdown to the end of my career–and now it's just totally different!"

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